Know EndPoint OS Family with in XenDesktop

Registry Key Holding the Data


Corresponding Values

OS Family HEX Decimal
Android 0x54 84
Blackberry 0x55 85
CitrixConsole 3 3
DOS32 14 20
EPOC 10 16
internet 0x101 257
iOS 0x53 83
Java 0x105 261
LinuxUnix 0x51 81
Mac 0x52 82
MVGATerminals 7 7
OS2 11 17
TextTerminals 4 4
ThinOS 0x80e1 32993
WinCE 0x1f09 7945
Windows 1 1

Powershell Snippet

$icaSessionRegPath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Ica\Session\1\Connection"
$(Get-ItemProperty -Path $icaSessionRegPath).ClientProductId

Output: 32993

which is ThinOS from the above table and its indeed a zeroclient (Xenith).


Combination with SessionStateMonitor brings lot of use cases.

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