Enabled HDX Aero Redirection in XenDesktop 5.5 – Still no Aero???

HDX Aero Redirection in XenDesktop 5.5

HDX RichGraphics Aero Redirection is a new feature in XenDesktop 5.5 that delivers the
signature Aero experience in Windows 7 within a XenDesktop virtual desktop. HDX Aero
Redirection leverages the client graphics card (GPU) to display Aero features such as Glass, Peek,
Windows Preview, Shake, and Flip 3D seamlessly over the LAN.


Well, I tried enabling the policy a HDX Users policy within Desktop UI (Desktop UI>Aero Redirection) and still couldn’t get the transparency working and I am sure some of you might have seen it too. The reason being in the process of optimizing our windows 7 image we disabled a service that Aero rely’s on; which is Desktop Window Manager Session Service. Change the service startup type to automatic and this should take care of the issue.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check for event log entries under Applications and Services Logs>Citrix>Graphics>Vd3d
  • Make sure Desktop Window Manager Session Service is running


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