Process Lifetime With Xperf 4.6

Xperf gives the accurate lifetime of a process, an year ago I used to hold a stop watch and do this 🙂

xperf flags used – LOADER+PROC_THREAD

for this demonstration i am going to launch xperf with LOADER+PROC_THREAD flags and open notepad, do some typing, finally close notepad and stop xperf and merge kernel and user traces and get the lifetime of notepad from process lifetimes graph..

  • open cmd as administrator
    cmd as admin
  • create, cd into dir c:\xperf_ouput and launch xperf with LOADER+PROC flags
    xperf on processlifetime
  • open notepad, type something in it and close it
    notepad process lifetime
  • stop xperf and merge kernel and user trace using xperf -d
    xperf merge
  • open the etl file with Performance Analyzer and get the notepad lifetime
    xperf analyzer
    notepad process lifetime perf analyzer

As you can see the duration of notepad was 16.4 seconds.

This same procedure can be used with xbootmgr to capture boot and shutdown etl’s and analyze which process is causing the delays.

Thanks for viewing, hope you learned something from this.

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