Reboot Wyse ThinOS device outside WDM

Step 1: Enable SNMP via Global INI Service=snmpd disable=no community=public Note: Reboot the wyse client after the ini is set. Step 2: Send reboot command via snmpset snmpset.exe -r: -c:"public" -o:. -val:0 -tp:int for snmpset please visit Reboot immediately -val:0  Reboot with a minute delay -val:1 Parameters -r:host Name or network address (IPv4/IPv6) of remote host. … Continue reading Reboot Wyse ThinOS device outside WDM

Publish Outlook 2016 in XenApp

Download Office 2016 Administrative Template files and import ADML and ADMX files to C:\windows\PolicyDefinitions GPO settings below are just a recommendation, Please review and pick  ones that apply to you. Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Office 2016 (Machine)/Updates Enable Automatic Updates > Disable User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Office 2016/First Run Disable First Run Movie > Enable Disable Office … Continue reading Publish Outlook 2016 in XenApp

Netscaler two arm deployment (multiple network interfaces)

Collection of useful information ref > Binding-Multiple-IP-Addresses-to-an-Interface-of-a-NetScaler-Appliance